Most frequent questions and answers about Kusu

KuSu has relationships with a number of health-care providers across the country. These partners include registered massage therapists, physiotherapists, natural health practitioners and others.

KuSu will be available to trial in their offices so you can ‘try before you buy’.
These partners can also support you in learning how to use the device.

KuSu is proud to offer a 100% return guarantee. If you are unhappy with the device for any reason, we will accept returns for a full refund.

Myofascial tissues are the dense, connective tissues that surround our muscles and bones. When this tissue becomes tight, it causes pain and affects our ability to move our muscles.

KuSu works to gently massage the myofascial tissues and release the tension around your muscles. Your forearms and wrists will never feel better!

The short answer is anyone with arms!

KuSu is one of the only products available that selectively target the muscles that cause pain and tension in your forearms and wrists. Think about your daily life and activities you enjoy and you’ll probably realize how much you use these muscles.

Whether you have a job that requires computer work, a job that requires your hands or simply enjoy a game of golf or tennis as a hobby, KuSu is for you.

KuSu is proudly manufactured right here in Canada. It is created from a strong, polymer-based material.

For most people, we recommend following the 3:5 rule, which means for most people they can benefit from KuSu three times a week for five minutes or less.

If you rely heavily on your hands or forearms, you may require KuSu more frequently. For example, some massage therapists use KuSu between every client they treat!

We recommend simply using vinegar and water to keep your KuSu clean. As a robust polymer material, KuSu can also handle cleaning products made of bleach.

Anyone who experiences forearm pain or forearm tightness will appreciate the relief experienced when using KuSu.  If you have a history of repetitive strain, tendonitis, arm pump, tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome, you will also benefit from the device.

If there are any manufacturer’s defects with your KuSu device, the individual component will be replaced. In addition there is a one-year warranty on the tension band.

Yes, it’s totally fine to use KuSu as a preventative tool for relaxation.

We have partnered with a number of health-care providers.

In Calgary, try the product before you purchase at:

Stay tuned for additional partners as we introduce KuSu across the country!

For all shipments to Canadian addresses we offer free shipping with Canada Post. We also offer international shipping based on your location.

Make self-care a priority with KuSu and find relaxation at your fingertips