Simply, it became a matter of continuing to do the things I love without the pain. KuSu became a lifeline for me.

Gayelene Bonefant, CEO of KuSu

Discover KuSu

KuSu is a new therapeutic device that releases tension in your forearms and helps you release, relax and restore your muscles.

Our wrists and forearms are one of the most overlooked, but most commonly-used areas of our body. Muscle pain, tightness and discomfort in this area is difficult to treat and can lead to serious issues like tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

KuSu is a simple, easy-to-use tool for daily relief of muscle pain and tension. This therapeutic relaxation device is essential if your daily routine involves repetitive, strenuous use of the forearms and wrists. Use KuSu daily to release tension and strengthen muscles to prevent future injury at the same time.

Our Founder

KuSu was acquired by Calgary-based entrepreneur Gayelene Bonenfant after suffering for years from work-related chronic pain. With no solution previously available on the marketplace, Gayelene was quickly becoming discouraged when the pain started to affect her day-to-day life and the hobbies she enjoyed, like golf.    

Then she was introduced to KuSu, and life quickly changed for the better.

Instead of waiting 4-6 weeks for relief between visits to her physiotherapist and massage therapist, Gayelene could take matters into her own hands and treat herself at home.  “All of a sudden there was a solution that empowered me to take care of myself, it was a lifesaver.”