Make self-care
a priority

Release, relax and restore your forearms and wrists with KuSu.

Customize your relief by selecting from three levels of resistance.
Discover a simple, easy-to-use tool for daily relief of muscle tension and pain in the forearms.

Take relaxation on-the-go by mounting KuSu to almost any hard-surface.

Not only massage your forearms but strengthen your muscles to prevent future injury at the same time.

As a massage therapist, my job is to help patients heal. But the constant pressure on my own hands was taking a toll on my health and wellbeing. KuSu has made it much easier to treat my clients, and to help me feel healthy and strong myself.

Discover Kusu

KuSu is a therapeutic device that treats pain and tightness in your forearms. It works by applying firm pressure to massage and release the myofascial tissue that connects your muscles.

KuSu stimulates blood flow, eliminates pain and ultimately restores motion and function to your forearms.

Whether you suffer from tightness and discomfort, or have been diagnosed with repetitive strain, arm pump, tendonitis, tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome, KuSu is the device that will stimulate recovery and help you feel better.

Put yourself in charge of your health; use KuSu to instantly release tension, relax and restore motion in your forearms and wrists.

How did we name KuSu?

The Japanese people have perfected the art of relaxation. From the Japanese verb for ‘relax’ is the word KuSu.

As a professional athlete I place a high priority on keeping my body strong and ready to perform. My forearms need special attention and KuSu helps me not only stay healthy but also stay safe on my bike.




We are so confident you will enjoy KuSu that we offer a hassle-free return policy for 90 days on the purchase of each unit.



Shipping in Canada? Enjoy free shipping with every KuSu purchase. We also send KuSu around the world with international priority shipping.



We are a proud Canadian company and will answer any questions you have about KuSu. Just give us a call at

Sitting at my computer all day and using my hands to type was causing me chronic pain on an almost daily basis. Now that I have KuSu, my forearms are relaxed and I feel almost 100% better.

Make self-care a priority with KuSu and find relaxation at your fingertips